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Where do you walk?

I normally head out to well known parks, commons and footpaths that are away from traffic so that the dogs can run safely. If there is a stream or a lake where they can swim, so much the better. I always risk assess any new walks in advance and put all the dogs back on leads in the vicinity of livestock. The walks are normally two or three miles in length.

My dog is very small/nervous. Will they be ok?

I always do my best to match the dogs in the pack by their energy rather than their size, so we don't have a clash between slow, nervous or frail and fast, boisterous or playful. I welcome you joining me on a walk to meet the pack I have in mind for your dog, and I am always happy for you to discuss any concerns you might have.

What happens if you are sick, or go on holiday?

There is a good network of dog walkers in the locale, and many of us support each other in covering each other, although unplanned sickness can be more tricky. I have a few people I call upon in these situations but I also advise my clients to have a backup person who can at least pop in and give your dog a toilet break in the unlikely event that I am unable to walk them at short notice.

What happens if there is a fight?

When introducing a new dog to the pack, I keep a close eye on their reactions and normally keep them on a lead until I am satisfied that everyone is happy.

My dog is not neutered/spayed. Does it matter?

I do not walk dogs that are not neutered or spayed as it can upset the whole dynamic of the pack and may put the dog at risk.

How do I know I can trust you?

I have a DBS certificate that I will show you when we meet which I update annually. I also have several clients I have worked for over many years who are happy to verify my reliability.

What if my dog is injured on one of your walks?

You will provide me with your dog's vet details and will take the dog to your registered vet if it is non urgent, or to the nearest vet to the walk if it is urgent.

What if my dog runs off on one of your walks?

I do not let a dog off the lead until I know it responds to my voice. On the rare occasion a dog may run off, every dog wears an Adventures with Ben dog tag with my mobile phone number on it which can help to quickly relocate them.

Do you walk in all weathers?

Surprisingly I do, apart from in thunderstorms, lightning or hail. In the summer the dogs benefit from the air conditioning in the van, which remains on when I pick up and drop off dogs, and we keep to the cool forests and streams. Dogs love snow, I have spare dog coats in most sizes and the van is heated.

Are you insured and licenced?

I am insured as a dog walker and I will show you my certificate of insurance when we meet. It is not a legal requirement in this country to be licenced to walk dogs. However some places including the Royal Parks and Wandsworth borough council require that dog walkers have a local licence to walk in their parks.