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What do you charge for dog walking?

It's £10 for 1 dog for 1 hour. Each additional dog from the same household is a further £5. I also do a half hour potty break where I let your dogs out in your garden and replenish water bowls but they don't get a proper walk. This is £8 regardless of number of dogs.

What do you charge for pet sitting?

My starting rate is from £8 per visit but each client is quoted individually depending on your needs. A common case however is feeding a cat or two, cleaning their litter tray and giving them a bit of a cuddle! This is all covered in the basic rate. I'll even pick up your post for nothing!

What happens if you're sick or go on holiday?

There is a good local network of dog walkers and many of us support each other in covering holidays. We do our best to help out when one of us is sick too but because it's unplanned it can be tricky. I have a few people I call on and so far have not yet not been able to cover an absence.

Where do you walk?

I like to explore new walks regularly and will often spend some considerable time walking in the local area when I start a new dog. However if it's a big pack or on a usual route for me, I will head out to some well know fields and footpaths, away from traffic where the dogs can run safe. I also like to visit lakes, with the owner's permission, for the dogs to have a good swim.

Can I come with you on a walk ?

Of course you can join us for a pack walk at anytime.

My dog is very small/nervous, will he/she be OK?

I always try where possible to match the dogs in each pack by their energy rather than by size, so that we don't have a clash between slow, nervous or frail and fast, boisterous or playful. You are more than welcome at any time to come and meet the pack I have in mind for your dog and I'm always happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

What happens if there's a fight?

When introducing a new dog to the pack I keep a close eye on the new dog for it's reactions. I usually keep it on a lead until I'm satified that everyone is happy. I also carry a suitable soft muzzle for the new dog for just incase anything goes unexpectedly.

My dog has not been spayed or neutered, does it matter?

If you're happy for your unspayed dog to be walked in a pack then it's fine with me, however I do not accept any responsiblity for any pregnancy that may occur as a result. I offer one to one walks if preferred but at a higher rate.